SBK Telecom - To be Completed on First Login Only

SBK Telecom - To be Completed on First Login Only


To be completed on first login only Initialization of your account - You must first register on our cloud telephony portal in order to install our SBK Mobile software on your cell phone. Please use the Google Chrome web browser to do this.

1. From the Google Chrome web browser, go to your mailbox (ex: Gmail / Outlook)

2. Once in your email box, you must find the email "Your new SBK Telecom account" or "Votre nouveau compte de téléphonie SBK Télécom" to complete your phone account.


3. It is possible that the email "Your new SBK Telecom account" or "Votre nouveau compte de téléphonie SBK Télécom" is in your spam or promotional emails.


4. At the top of the welcome email, you will find your username and extension number. We suggest that you copy your username for future reference.


5. Once the email is opened, please press the "Complete Setup" button or copy the link at the bottom of the email and copy it into your Google Chrome web browser


6. You must create your password (it must contain at least 8 characters and at least one capital letter and one number).


7. A little further down, you will have to create a PIN (ex: 1234) and press "Save".


8. Log in to the SBK platform with your username (e.g. 8888@SBK) and your newly created password. If you have copied your username in step 4, you can copy it in the "Login name" section.


9. Once logged into the portal, please select the "Messages" tab.


10. Once in the Messages section, press the "Settings" button.


11. In the Greeting section, you must record your "Voicemail Greeting" message by clicking on the button.


12.  A new window appears "Manage greetings". Fill in the following fields:

a. Select the Save option

b. Call me at: enter your cell phone number.

c. Select Call.

d. Follow the prompts on the phone to proceed with the recording. Once your message is complete, press # to activate it.

e. Save and close the window to save your corporate directory name


13. Then your phone book name in the "Recorded Name" section


14. You have 2 options as a softphone; either the SBK MobileWeb computer phone or the SBK Mobile cell phone application (available for Apple and Android).


15. Here are the steps to download the SBK MobileWeb computer phone.


16. Once connected to the web portal, please press the "Apps" button located at the top right of your screen.


17. Then, press the "SBK MobileWeb" button.


18. Click on the small button at the top right to download the SBK Mobile Web application for your computer.


19. Click on the "Install" button.


20. The application will be downloaded and a "SBK Mobile Web" tab will be available directly on your computer. You will be able to receive and make calls directly from the application.


21. Here are the steps to download the SBK Mobile smartphone application.


22. Still in the web portal, please select the "Phones" tab.


23. Once in the "Phones" section you must select the "SBK Mobile" button.


24. You will find the steps to download the smartphone applications with your login details. We offer a version for Apple and Android phones.

Follow this link to learn how to use SBKMobile softphone


25. Scan the following code with your iPhone to open the SBK Mobile application directly in the Apple App Store.


26. Scan the following code with your Android phone to open the SBK Mobile application directly in the Google Play Store.


27. Once the mobile application is downloaded, please open it and enter your username and password established in step 6.


Tip! Since your cell phone may update automatically, it is important to open your application every morning to avoid having it registered with our telephony server after updates. **If you do not wish to receive calls on your application, please log out of the "LogOut" application. ***Your cell phone should be rebooted every week to avoid any problems related to memory assignment. Make it a habit to reboot at least once a week.


Alert! The next steps are only for Android smartphone users.

In order to use our SBKMobile app on an Android phone, you must verify that the app is allowed to run over other apps. Without this patch, our SBKMobile application will not be able to function properly. Ex: If you are browsing the internet and the application detects an incoming call, you will not be able to answer it because the application does not have the rights to run on top of other applications.


28. Show Over Other Apps Settings Applications & Notifications SBK Mobile Applications Show Over Other Apps Allow Show Over Other Apps


29. Allow viewing over other apps (continued)

Alert! Android does not allow the SBKMobile application to accept a second call. Please contact your IT administrator to address this situation. This procedure was taken with Android version 8.1 on Huawei DUB-LX2, if your phone differs from this version please contact your IT support.



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