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What your should know about portability

Local Number Portability (LNP) enables customers in Canada and United States to port their existing telephone number/s (traditional or VOIP-based) from one phone service provider to another.

Things to remember when porting telephone numbers:

  1. The losing carrier is not happy a customer is leaving.
  2. The losing carrier will find any means necessary to delay the port so they can continue charging the customer.
  3. ACCURATE information is an absolute must.  Without ACCURATE information the port will be rejected and will be delayed.
  4. A Customer Service Record, recent bill copy, and correctly filled out LOA and or RESPORG will help tremendously in having a successful port.
  5. We will keep you informed and keeping your customer informed will help in minimizing any frustration.
  6. Please note that the cost to port a number is 29.99$ per number.
  7. An SBK Porting specialist will notify you once your number has been successfully transferred from your current provider. At that point, you may proceed to cancel your service with them. Please be aware that cancellation fees may apply if you are still under contract.

Following this checklist should help provide for a successful port. You may download this checklist by clicking here.

LNP Checklist

  • Does the customer have a distinctive ring, a PIC Freeze, or a carrier change restriction on their account?  If yes, these MUST be removed prior to entering a port request.
  • Have you obtained a copy of the Customer Service Record, CSR, from the losing carrier for the customer? This is not mandatory but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  The percentage of a successful port goes way up with a CSR.  
  • Have you obtained a copy of the customer's telephone bill that is 30 days old or less?  If you do not have a CSR then this is CRITICAL in order to accurately enter the port request and have the port happen on time. If porting from a carrier that does not provide telephone bills, such as Google Voice or Number Barn, have the customer provide a screenshot of the account with the porting phone number on it.
  • Does the name and service address on your port request for your customer MATCH EXACTLY the name and service address of the CSR and or the phone bill of the current provider of the customer? This is one of the more common reasons port request.
  • Do you know if the customer wants to port all their numbers (Full Port) or just some (Partial Port)?  If you request a port that does not address all the numbers on the account this can cause a rejection of the port. Also, if the BTN (Billing Telephone Number) is one of the numbers being ported then a remaining number will have to be identified to become the new BTN.
  • Did you submit a Letter of Authorization (LOA) with the port request?  The LOA form is available for download in your Dashboard under Forms.
  • Are any of the numbers associated with DSL?  If you port a number that has DSL on it, the customer will lose their DSL.
  • Do you know if all the numbers are with the same carrier?  If the numbers are with different carriers, there MUST be a port request submitted per carrier.
  • Are all the numbers active?  The numbers must be active at the time of the port. DO NOT call your carrier and cancel your number/s prior to the port. If the numbers have been canceled then you have probably lost your numbers.
  • Are there any Toll-Free Numbers to be ported?  Toll-Free Numbers should be ported on a separate port request.
  • Did you submit a signed RESPORG form with the Toll-Free Number port request? A signed RESP ORG (Responsible Organization) form must be submitted with Toll-Free Number port requests. The RESPORG form is available for download on your Dashboard under Forms.
  • Has the customer contacted the losing carrier AFTER the port to confirm that service has been canceled?  

Very important after porting:

The customer must contact their previous telephone service provider AFTER the port to confirm that the service has been canceled! This will prevent the unpleasant surprises of double billing.

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