Softphone Zoiper 5 - Install and configuration guide


The following steps will allow you to configure the Zoiper softphone application.

  • Windows or Mac Computer
  • Zoiper app
  • SIP Credentials
  • Access to Manager Portal
Download Zoiper
  1. Download Zoiper on your computer. 
Obtain your Domain Info
  1. Log into Manager Portal.
    1. Login Name will be your extension@yourdomain IE 2012@domainname
    2. Enter the password you entered during setup.




  1. Click on the Users button at the top.Screen_Shot_2021-08-12_at_1.56.45_PM.png
  2. Select the user you need to give access to the softphone ex: 2012
  3. Click the  Phone header button:




  1. Enter a letter from a through z.
    1. Note that m and wp are both reserved for SNAPmobile.
    2. Now click Add.


  1. Select the configuration button for the extension you created.
  2. Take note of the Domain/ProxyOutbound ProxyUsername, and Password and close out the menu.


Configuration of Zoiper
  1. Open the Zoiper app.
    1. Enter SIP Username@domain/proxy using the information you copied early.
      1. EX: 2012m@SBK Screen_Shot_2021-08-12_at_2.27.16_PM.png
    2. Enter SIP Password
    3. Click Login.
  2. Enter your Domain/ProxyScreen_Shot_2021-08-12_at_2.28.13_PM.png
  3. Click Next.
  4. Checkmark Optional Authentication and Outbound Proxy.
    1. Leave Authentication username empty
    2. Enter under Outbound Proxy.Screen_Shot_2021-08-12_at_2.30.01_PM.png
  5.  Click Next.
  6. On the next Screen, Zoiper will try to automatically detect the SIP connection for the application
  7.  Click Next
  8. On the next screen, it will ask if you would like to test your audio setup, go ahead and click on SKIP if not needed, otherwise follow the onscreen prompts to test
  9. Once done you should now see that Zoiper is registered with a Green checkmark showing next to your account name
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